Underlying belief behind doing prompts: writers have to practice even harder than professional athletes, and for much less clout. If you want to join in, share your writing below. (Fuck the prompt is always a prompt). 

I’m clutching it madly. My other hand is on the gate, though whether inside or outside, I can’t say. No one is manning the booths. We’re between seasons now. Occasionally, a man I loved walks by with someone new. Let’s do away with the roller coaster. Must be this high to ride this ride? Must be this high to stop. As for the teacups, they left with you, how we rode until we threw up, got back on after one of us cleaned up. This place used to be fun. Didn’t I twirl my skirt before the bright lights? Now there’s no view from the ferris wheel, anyway I’m afraid of heights. I think maybe the last ticket won’t be shared. It’s distinctly possible to stay too long at the fair.