10 facts

  1. armpit odor is not a science. you forgo deodorant, you sweat, you smell.
  2. there are lots of things to be afraid of. expired milk is one of them.
  3. it is not very expensive to fly from boston to atlanta. you should do more things with the people you love.
  4. sephora is the perfect place to leave a clown and  procure an eye infection.
  5. how sad are you? not in words, in numbers.
  6. coffee is a stimulant. that last one was not a fact but I dare you to disprove sadness.
  7. cows that are fed grass cost more than cows that are not fed grass.
  8. it is physically impossible to run and cry at the same time. both demand too much of your body and lungs are more needy than heart…than tear ducts? can I get a fact check on where tears come from? in the meantime, dear, your sneakers.
  9. $34.50 is a lot of money to spend on leggings, but only $4.50 more than your counselor’s copay. there is therapy and then there is retail therapy.
  10. a writer whose name I can’t remember called cicadas the guns of august. imagine living underground for thirteen years to starve your predators.
  11. do you hear them too?