10 facts

  1. Last week I invested in a pair of acrylic talons to keep myself from picking at my skin while I’m trying to write this second book which is hard and wonderful and sometimes like biting into an apple only to find a jelly fish
  2. It’s getting cold in New Hampshire
  3. Sometimes I think the world is ending and I should go drink wine in my closet while petting my Birkenstocks. Other times I remember I’m not my thoughts and instead go to yoga and write a poem and feel like I’m a small part of the universe’s machine, but a part all the same
  4. Therapy is a paid friendship with a higher probability of getting good advice. Must. Go. Every. Week.
  5. I had a venti coffee at 5:45 a.m. because I can’t seem to sleep in the morning which is cool because I like leaving the house when there are still stars but uncool cause, like,  it’s only 7:15 and I’ve already been up for  two hours
  6. I’m wearing my high school letterman jacket which makes me feel lame but also like a model
  7. I’m having an eczema flair up on my face so I straightened my hair to distract my audience from my red scaly situation (by “audience” I mean the six to nine people I interact with on a daily basis, hi)
  8. This isn’t ten facts, it’s eight, but that’s okay. Math is a construct.