kitchen sink heart


my heart is so full of love and gratitude and sweet potato casserole. for stars and dogs and candles in the bathtub. mornings in this body, whatever size it might be. mothers and coffee and the weapon you don’t need a license to carry. i’m grateful for love and dogs and npr. for iphones and seltzer and walks in the sun. my agent, my editor, my book, my art…

i don’t know if this is a poem but hallelujah virginia woolf, it was a good thanksgiving. i learned that dina washington had to tell my dad, “get off the stage mr. bandstand” because he was “that guy” at fifteen. then a red headed woodpecker gave me new eyes. and i ate a lot and didn’t drink at all and we were a happy, dysfunctional family.

you know we will be dead for an eternity.

life right now is our fifteen minutes of fame.