Things I’ve Been Up To Lately

  1.  Writing a second book. Weeeeeeeeee
  2.  Venti americanos
  3. Catching sunrises in Portland, which made me realize that like a snowflake and other cliches, a sunrise is never the same twice. Even if it were the same twice, I wouldn’t remember it, which is the same thing as if it were different.
  4. Steak. I’m on a red meat kick.
  5.  Facing my fear of being alone because my boyfriend and I broke up because I am 24 years old and don’t really know how to be myself and since I’m going to be myself my whole life I should probably figure that out
  6. Swimming in the ocean even though it was cold as a witch’s tit, then taking selfies to prove it
  7. My nana passed away, which isn’t something I’ve been up to per se, but it’s weird. I feel funky about it: sad and grateful and confused about this corn maze made of pregnant ladies called life.
  8. Have you read “Dogfish” by Mary Oliver? You should.