Abouts are stressful, but at twenty-four even picking a type of milk for my coffee has some existential angst attached. Welcome to the blog of a very un-chill person, with a numbered About Me because, well, Buzzfeed.

  1. I write young adult books. My first book will be published by Little Brown Young Readers in May 2018. (This is the one thing I have going for me, so linger on this sentence as long as possible).
  2. I live with my parents because I’m “dedicated to my art.”
  3. Revision to above: I’m too scared to leave the nest because my mother breast fed me too long.
  4. I want to lol all day. The main reason for starting this blog is that if I don’t laugh I’m going to cry.
  5.  The other reason for starting this blog is I’m always trying to get out of my current situation. I’ve been miserable in Paris, St. Thomas, my boyfriend’s parents’ house, Las Vegas, the ER on 114th and Amsterdam (I think that was the address? I was feverish/delirious). Though some situations have been shittier than others, what they all have in common is me. For once, instead of trying to get out, I’m going to try to get through.
  6. Hypothesis: “Getting through” requires having the sort of inner world one wants to stay in because, as my best friend realized quite precociously at twenty-three, “I’m going to be myself my whole life.”
  7. If this sounds vague and elusive then I think we’re onto something.